Going Going Gone

A Fish Tale; Not even bones left behind

The onetime Fish Tale Diner, which sat for many years across the Merrimack River from Newburyport, MA in Salisbury, is now only a memory. As you can see in this photo, the area where the diner once stood has now been leveled.  The remaining walls are part of an add-on that was done over the past couple of years.fish tale diner

As Larry Cultrera noted in his Diner Hotline blog, the Fish Tale had recently been damaged by a fire.  No word on what if anything was salvaged from this very original Worcester Dining Car, but suffice to say that you can scratch #762 off your list of extant Worcester cars.

Larry has the history of the diner here and the more recent fire update here.

Here’s what the interior looked like late one day in 2005…

fish tale diner interior



The Enchanted Forest: Remembrance & Revival

enchanted village ellicott cityIt isn’t that often anymore that you simply stumble on a long-lost relic of the American roadside, but so it was this weekend when I visited Ellicott City, Maryland.  On my way to the Double T Diner, I looked up to see Old King Cole beckoning with his outstretched arm for me to enter The Enchanted Forest. Well, the Enchanted Forest Shopping Center, anyway.

Upon return, I did some research, and discovered that this once-charming children’s park was the second “theme park” to open in the U. S., after the original Disneyland.  The year was 1955.  Those post war years when everything seemed to promise a sort of storybook future.

Well, you know the rest of the story.  Eventually, as the area grew, the park was downsized, sold off and closed.

But what you don’t know is the wonderful “rest of the story” (apologies to Paul Harvey)  A substantial portion of the original buildings and figurines were acquired by Clark’s Elioak Farm.  I’ll let them tell the story.  It’s a wonderful chance for children and the adults who once visited the original park to enjoy it again — and they deserve a huge “thank you.”

You’ll find other Enchanted Forest info here and here.



Former Julian’s restaurant sold, to be torn down

Local entrepreneur and restaurateur L. Gale Lemerand has bought the closed Julian’s Dining Room & Lounge from the Lopez family who built the iconic beachside restaurant in 1967.

News-Journal/BOB KOSLOW The iconic Julian’s Dining Room & Lounge at 88 S. Atlantic Ave in Ormond Beach has been bought and will be torn down in early 2015.  The 10,000-square-foot, A-frame building at 88 S. Atlantic Ave. in Ormond Beach has been closed for more than two years and will most likely be torn down in early 2015, but the site’s future use is still undecided, Lemerand said.